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Amazon's version of The Tick

After watching the first three episodes of Amazon’s version of The Tick, I’m quite hooked.
Instead of being dropped in to a world where Arthur and The Tick are already a team, we instead get to see how that team is first created. There’s actual character development, and even the bad guys have back stories.
So far, there’s been a back story for Arthur, plot lines involving the supporting characters, hints at how the world has adapted to having superheroes as part of life, and even hints that we may get to find out how The Tick became who he is.
Possibly the best part though is Peter Serafinowicz’ portrayal of The Tick. The character speaks in the same flowery, over-the-top style as the original cartoon, and Serafinowicz’ is so earnest in his delivery that I can’t help thinking he’s channeling the late Adam West’s portrayal of Batman.
Highly recommended viewing.