Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1

A couple weeks back, I finished watching the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.

It’s interesting to have a single main character as the focal point instead of the entire bridge crew. I enjoyed the season’s shows, but they crammed so much  fan service into season one (Harry Mudd! Tribbles! Mirrorverse! Klingons war! Spock has a sister!) that I can understand why some were put off by it all. (And, I’m reminded, most of the series which came before needed a couple seasons to find their legs.)

Plus the spore drive…. OK, it’s an innovative way to expand on something that exists in nature (at least, on a terrestrial scale), and the idea of a space-faring tardigrade was also interesting. But man, the “magic mushroom” jokes pretty much write themselves. (Not two episodes in to season two, even Captain Pike can’t help but make a joke about it.)

I’m interested to see what season two has to hold.